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1" to 4" Pipe Cleaner for Backpack Vacuums
10 Quart Cloth Bag for the Backpack Vacuum
10 Quart Exhaust Filter
10 Quart Ultra 2-ply Paper Bag
12" Stainless Steel Extractor Wand
14"  Smooth Glide  American Floor Tool
14" Natural Fiber Hair- American Floor Tool
14" Nylon Brush American Floor Tool
14" Squeegee Tool - American Floor Tools
14” Scalloped American Floor Tool
25 Foot Vacuum and Solution Hose Assembly
3" Round Brush
3-Piece Head Kit for Wand
3/8 in Cushion Clamp
4" to 8" Pipe Cleaner for Backpack Vacuums
5- Piece  Tool  -Wet/Dry
6 Quart Cloth Bag for the Backpack Vacuum
6 Quart Exhaust Filter
6qt. Ultra 2-ply Paper Bag
90 Degree Lid Elbow
90° Slinky-Type Stretch Hose
Auto Detailer Tool 4 " Wide
Aviation Backpack Vacuum Motor
Backpack Vacuum Pigtail Cord Complete
Brass Jets for Acrylic Clear-view Hand Tools
Brass Jets for Hand Tools
Brass Quick-Disconnect w/ Viton Seals
Carbon-Lite Motor Filter Spacer
Carbon-Lite Waistbelt Screw
Carbon-Lite Waistbelt Washer
Construction Backpack Vacuum Motor
Crevice Tool
Crevice Tool
Critical HEPA Filter
Detail Tool w / Vacuum Release - 6 in
Extractor Access Port - 6"
Hand Tool  - Stainless Steel w/  Clear View Head + Brass Valve
90 results

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