Our Mission

"I'm Montgomery Bisson, the founder, and president . After 21 years of designing and building vacuums, I've watched our industry succumb to the greed of off-shore manufacturing. Our country is vulnerable, our workers under-employed. If you care, BUY AMERICAN. If you want power, quality and the BEST WARRANTY in the industry buy an USA-made Mosquito product"

USA MADE 92% of the 38 parts of our backpack vacuum are USA-MADE
BEST WARRANTY 1-Year unconditional warranty "Best in the Industry"
POWER Exceeds or meets all competitors' vacuums.
TOP QUALITY Our warranty says it all. The longest unconditional warranty in the industry.
TOP VALUE American quality with offshore pricing.
HEPA We only sell HEPA filtered vacuums. We want to keep you and the environment SAFE.
PRIVATE LABEL We can put your name on anything, to build your brand (brochures, cords, parts, etc)

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