Extractor Parts

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Intake Foam Filter (Extractor)
Motor (Three Stage Tangential)
Stair Detail Tool (10" Wide - 29"Long w/Handle)
Stair Detail Tool (10" Wide - 40"Long w/Handle)
Wand (Extractor 12" Stainless Steel)
Vacuum and Solution Hose Assembly (25')
Brass Jets for Acrylic Clear-view Hand Tools
Brass Jets for Hand Tools
Motor (6.6 High Power)
Wand and Hose Holder Kit (Retractable)
Detail Tool (w/ Vacuum Release - 6")
Heater Kit (Stainless Steel - Double)
Automotive Detail Tool
Pump (Aquatec 120psi)
Hose Bag (Nylon)
Hard Surface Floor Tool (SX-15)
Pump (Aquatec 220psi)
Pump (Aquatec 170psi)
Solution Hose Assembly (25')
Crevice Tool w/ Brass Valve & Jet (3" Wide)
Hose & Wand Kits
Hose & Wand Kits
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Detail Tool (10" Stair, 18" Long)
Pump (Pumptec 1200psi)
Pump (Pumptec 500psi)
Motor (Two Stage Tangential)
Pump (Cat Pump 500psi)

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