Spotter Parts

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Motor (Three Stage Tangential)
Motor (Two Stage Tangential)
Recovery Tank Foam Filter (Spotter)
Hand Tool  - Stainless Steel w/  Clear View Head + Brass Valve
Pump (55psi Viton Seals)
In-Line Clear View Filter
Heater Kit (Stainless Steel - Single)
Brass Quick-Disconnect w/ Viton Seals
Access Port 4" (Spotter)
Rocker Switch
Solution and Vacuum Hose Kit (3 Gallon Spotter)
Hand Tool -Stainless Steel w/  Brass Valve + Jet
Wand (Two-Piece Spotter)
Access Port 6" (Extractor)
In-Line Strainer
Vacuum Hose 1.5" x 50'
Vacuum Hose 1.5" x 25'
Spotter Stainless Steel Hand Tool with Clear View Head and 7' Vacuum and Solution Hose Set

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