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American Floor Tool (14" Nylon Brush)
American Floor Tool (14" Smooth Glide)
American Floor Tool (14” Scalloped)
American Floor Tool (14" Natural Fiber Hair)
14" Crevice Tool
Detail Tool (w/ Vacuum Release - 6")
Hand Tool  - Stainless Steel w/  Clear View Head + Brass Valve
Hand Tool -Stainless Steel w/  Brass Valve + Jet
Floor Tools (Sidewinder Hard Floor Felt)
Wand and Hose Holder Kit (Retractable)
Backpack Vacuum Lid (90Degree Slip Fit)
Stair Detail Tool (10" Wide - 40"Long w/Handle)
Stair Detail Tool (10" Wide - 29"Long w/Handle)
Pipe Cleaner (1" to 4" ) for Backpack Vacuums
American Floor Tool (14" Squeegee)
Brush Tool (3" Round)
Pipe Cleaner (4" to 8") for Backpack Vacuums
Crevice Tool w/ Brass Valve & Jet (3" Wide)
Detail Tool (10" Stair, 18" Long)
Floor Tools (Sidewinder Nylon Brush)
Spotter Stainless Steel Hand Tool with Clear View Head and 7' Vacuum and Solution Hose Set

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