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Auto Fill Valve
Automotive Detail Tool
Brass Jets for Acrylic Clear-view Hand Tools
Brass Jets for Hand Tools
Crevice Tool w/ Brass Valve & Jet (3" Wide)
Detail Tool (10" Stair, 18" Long)
Detail Tool (w/ Vacuum Release - 6")
Drain Hose
Drain Hose
Dual Circuit Indicator
Extractor Motor Relay
Float Switch (Tank wall horizontally mounted)
Hard Surface Floor Tool (SX-15)
Heater Kit (Stainless Steel - Double)
Hose & Wand Kits
Hose & Wand Kits
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Hose Bag (Nylon)
Intake Foam Filter (Extractor)
Motor (6.6 High Power)
Motor (Three Stage Tangential)
Motor (Two Stage Tangential)
Pump (Aquatec 120psi)
Pump (Aquatec 170psi)
Pump (Aquatec 220psi)
Pump (Cat Pump 500psi)
Pump (Pumptec 1200psi)
Pump (Pumptec 500psi)
Solution Hose Assembly (25')
Stair Detail Tool (10" Wide - 29"Long w/Handle)
Stair Detail Tool (10" Wide - 40"Long w/Handle)
Vacuum and Solution Hose Assembly (25')
Wand (Extractor 12" Stainless Steel)
Wand and Hose Holder Kit (Retractable)

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