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In-Line Clear View Filter
Intake Foam Filter -Extractor
Mosquito Extension Cord
Mosquito Ultra-Glide Premium 50 Foot Extension Cord
Motor -High Power  (6.6")
Motor -Three Stage Tangential
Motor -Two Stage Tangential
Motor Gasket
Motor Gasket
Motor Intake Filter -Wet/Dry
Motor Mounting Ring
Motor Mounting Ring
From $4.50
Motor Mounting Ring-Fully-Assembled
Motor- 4.5 Amp - Floor Sander
Never-Clog Tampered Hose + Lid
Nylon Hose Bag
Pipe Cleaners for BackPack Vacuums
Private Label Extension Cords (Min 25 units)
Pulse Power Motor
From $47.00
Pumps with Viton Seals
Retractable Wand and Hose Holder Kit
Rocker Switch
Round Brush - 3"
Screws + Washers - Carbon-Lite Vacuums
Screws, Washers + Wellnuts- Backpack Vacuums
Shoulder & Waist Belt
Sidewinder 2-Piece 59" Aluminum Straight Wand for Backpack Vacuums
Sidewinder Hard Floor Felt Tools
Sidewinder Natural Fiber Brush
Sidewinder Tool Kit
Sidewinder U-Wand
Sidewinder Wands for Backpack Vacuums
Slip Fit Lid -90-Degree
Slip Fit Lid with 90-Degree w/ Elbow + Hose w/ Cuff
Solution and Vacuum Hose Kit for 3 Gallon Spotter
Solution Hose Assembly- 25ft
Spotter Access Port - 4"
85 results

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